What is Learn to Disc©?

Learn to Disc© is an entirely new take on instructional videos. You follow along as Aaron, a professional disc golfer, teaches Ryan and Amber how to play disc golf. Aaron has an immense knowledge of the sport; from the technical aspect of each throw, to the rules and regulations of exactly how to play. This gives you a new approach to learn with Ryan and Amber as they grow under Aaron’s coaching. You are shown exactly how to handle every situation, plus you get the added benefit of Amber asking the questions you would or Ryan being corrected when he has a poor throw.

You can watch as Aaron displays the grip for a throw. You can learn from Ryan and Amber’s mistakes. Amber had never thrown a disc before Aaron started his coaching, while Ryan has played for years prior. No matter your skill level, Aaron's coaching will make you better at disc golf.

What is Disc Golf?

Disc golf is a sport that is just beginning to take off. Much like traditional golf, disc golf involves throwing a disc the fewest possible times in order to make it in the basket (hole). Disc golf courses will range anywhere from 9 holes to 18 holes. You can find courses near you at the Professional Disc Golf Assocation site.

Disc golf is a sport that almost anyone can play. From four to eighty-four, male or female, athlete or couch potato; anyone can play disc golf and have a great time. You don’t need to break the bank for equipment, and most courses are free. You can play by your lonesome, or go out for a day with friends. You can take out your kids, and your parents.

What will I need to play?

The great thing about disc golf is that you can purchase one disc for $5-$20 and play your heart out. You don’t need fancy equipment, or green fees. You don’t even pay to play on most courses. Once you get more experienced, you can invest in a multitude of discs. There are distance drivers, mid-range discs, and putt and approach discs as well. You can get specialized bags as well as many other specialty products. But really, all you need is a disc and a course and you are ready to play.

What will Learn to Disc© do for me?

Included in the two disc set are tips on how to make anyone’s game better. Learn to Disc© is for the beginner wanting to learn how to play the game and how to throw. Learn to Disc© is also for the experienced player looking to improve their throw or throw in an entirely new way. You can learn how to increase your distance in a few easy steps and how to make that 30 foot putt with ease.

Learn to Disc© gives step by step instructions on how to throw, stand, run, putt and much more. You will be shown the exact hand positioning for any throw you could want to learn. It gives a step by step process for getting the throw right the first time. You can learn how to increase your distance in a few easy steps to how to make that 30 foot putt with ease.

What Learn to Disc© includes:

  • Rules of Disc Golf
  • How to play
  • How to throw a Backhand
  • How to throw a Forehand
  • How to throw an Overhand
  • What is a Hyzer? Throwing a Hyzer
  • What is an Anhyzer? Throwing an Anhyzer
  • How to Throw a Roller
  • How to Putt
  • Different Putting Stances
  • Figuring out Disc Stability
  • Optional Equipment
  • Add distance to your drive
  • Lower your average score
  • Variations on the game
  • Disc golf resources
  • The History of Disc Golf
  • And Much, Much More

Learn to Disc© is easy to understand, and you could be outside playing after watching the first half-hour. Learn to Disc© is the best teacher because you can watch what you are working on over and over again until you get it. Then you can move on to the next skill. Buy Learn to Disc© today, and start disc golfing now!